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This guy had amazing experience using a bobinsana tincture


What is Ayahuasca Bobinsana Microdosing?

Most people want to take ayahuacsa for the effects pf DMT which are spectacular, but many benefits are to be had for health and spirit by drinking a pure vine -Banisteriopsis caapi - conconction especially when combined with the master plant bobinsana, the river siren spirit who emits love from the rivers of the Amazon into the hearts of those who imbibe her.  

Many web sites will tell you of the health benefits and explain that in fact many of the alkaloids in these and other amazonian plants actually have not been studied very much.  But here we're more interested in the magical effects of these plants and their ability to integrate and balance the energy body.  No one knows why, but even without DMT these plants have the ability to enter into your thoughts emotions and dreams.  They can find hidden archives in yur memory and combine bring them to your mind once again showing you that even this pain you once experienced can be seen as beautiful.

There are lots of reasons to use an aya bobinsana mixed tincture.  Health reasons ​

Understanding the Miracle Vine


There are incredible benefits to microdosing Ayahuasca, and exciting new research comes out every day regarding its effects. Before you start microdosing Ayahuasca, be sure to review the history, effects, and importance of this revered South American vine.

With all the misinformation out there about microdosing, it’s important to know the facts about Ayahuasca before you begin. We’ll walk you through the basics in this quick guide so you can start your journey to better health.


What is Ayahuasca?


For hundreds of years, native tribes in Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and Ecuador have used the sacred Ayahuasca vine in spiritual rituals. The vine - known scientifically as Banisteriopsis caapi - is the all-important main ingredient in the special Ayahuasca brew. Experienced shamans brew the ayahuasca tea, which is consumed in a ceremony lasting about four to six hours.

Because each tribe brews their ayahuasca drink differently, different retreat leaders will use various types of leaves and shrubs as part of the recipe. Some of these additional ingredients create powerful hallucinatory and psychedelic effects in the mind of the user. The psychedelic trip results not from the vine, but from an added shrub called Psychotria Viridis, which contains DMT.


Unlike other plants added to the ritual, Banisteriopsis caapi itself has no DMT and will not send you on a psychedelic trip.


Regardless, on its own, ayahuasca has many beneficial effects. Users who want the helpful qualities of ayahuasca without heading to South America now have the option to change their lives for the better.

How Does Microdosing Work?


The best way to ingest 100% organic Ayahuasca is through microdosing. Through the microdosing process,  you’ll feel a sustainable effect that won’t overwhelm you. In fact, the effects of microdosed ayahuasca (see below) are a true game-changer in the natural healing community.


Once again: microdosed Ayahuasca does not cause any hallucinogenic effects. As such, our products contain zero DMT and are legal to purchase in most countries. Our products are all-natural without any additives or chemicals - just organic, imported Ayahuasca vines straight from South America.


The microdosing process is fairly simple. Once or twice a day, depending on your needs, put a few drops of the Ayahuasca liquid underneath your tongue, and let it absorb. Anyone who’s tried CBD oil before should be familiar with this sort of ingestion.


Yet Ayahuasca’s effects aren’t quite the same as CBD. In fact, few products available in the natural health field are as notable as South America’s most sacred vine. While its effectiveness is only starting to be known in the Western world, its promising results of ayahuasca for thousands of patients are a testament to its wonders.


What Are The Effects of Microdosed Ayahuasca?


Ayahuasca has been used by native tribes for at least 1000 years. The indigenous people of South America are familiar with the plant’s benefits. Taken on its own, the Ayahuasca vine is not addictive, but rather calming and relieving.


Scientific research on Ayahuasca is a growing - and promising - field. One study published in the journal Psychopharmacology found that Ayahuasca significantly reduced levels of depression and stress while increasing convergent (positive) thinking. 


Microdosed ayahuasca offers many of the same effects as the Ayahuasca ceremony, only over a much longer time-span. Rather than taking part in a 4-6 hour ceremony, you can try four weeks on, one week off schedule with your microdose supply.


According to recent studies, some of these benefits may include:


  • PTSD relief

  • Anxiety reduction

  • Overcoming addiction

  • Positive thinking

  • Mental Wellness

  • Memory Improvement

  • Overcoming Depression

  • Better Balance

  • Higher levels of creative thinking


Recorded negative side-effects are few in number. Speak to a doctor or healthcare professional before you add microdosed Ayahuasca to other prescriptions or supplements. 


Because Ayahuasca is an MAOI inhibitor, it can react poorly with other medications you may be taking. Like with any supplement, be sure you know your own needs before starting.


We’ve found that the effects of ayahuasca vary from person to person. Some of our clients report less anxiety and a better sense of calm. Others use it to help with their PTSD therapy. Some report better productivity and more creativity while working on their personal projects.


Ayahuasca’s effects differ depending on your intention. It is by no means a cure-all or a panacea, but it works with your mindset and goals to help you overcome personal obstacles and issues. 


Indeed, our founder Rachael Philips started this company after overcoming addiction through ayahuasca. To learn more about her story, please visit our blog


The Microdosing Difference

There is an undeniable incredible and natural power in Ayahuasca. Our friends and customers have reported changes in their lives ranging from stress reduction to an overall better mental state, all through a healthy lifestyle and regular microdosed ayahuasca. We feel it is our duty to bring this incredible vine and its healing properties to the wider world.


An Ayahuasca ceremony can be a beautiful event, but many of our customers lack the time or resources to take part in one themselves. Others are hesitant to ‘go on a trip,’ especially if they have no prior experience with psychedelics and don’t wish to try DMT.


Our products are brewed locally in Peru and are fair-trade and organic. We make ayahuasca suitable for microdosing so that everyone can experience its wonderful effects in a safe environment. You’ll be able to decide when and where you start your journey toward better health.


The difference you’ll feel in life, health, and creativity can start today. View our range of products to decide which size and blend will work best for you. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us with any concerns.


We consider it our mission to help people improve their lives through ayahuasca. As such, we only offer the highest-quality, locally-made products for our customers. We’re also always on hand to help you with your purchasing decision.

Mestizo shamans often mix additional ingredients into the basic ayahuasca drink

Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia) liquid extract. Ecologically wildcrafted bark. 

Suggested Use: 60 drops 2 times daily in a small amount of water. 

Ingredients: Bobinsana bark extractives, pure sugar cane alcohol (USP 50%–60%), and osmotic water. Minimum dry herb potency ratio: 1:3. Glass bottle with glass dropper (2 oz. net weight). One dropperful is approx. 30 drops. 

At the end of the spiritual quality, the Bobinsana master plant could be offered together with Ayahuasca as part of a Master Plant diet to enhance the hallucinogenic properties of Ayahuasca and thus accelerate the student's connection to the spirit world through the ceremony. It is important to note that Bobinsana alone is not a hallucinogen, a bell that works symbiotically with Ayahuasca to create a powerful holotropic substance. In Shipibo traditions, Bobinsana is a master teacher of plants, all of which are well known for their gentle stimulating effects and their ability to open the heart to greater compassion, strength, and spiritual realm. It is used as an infusion for rheumatism, uterine cancer, stimulating and invigorating the organism, contraceptive, purifying the blood.

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