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  Discover the magic of who you are  
  • Learn how to redirect sexual energy

  • Learn how to use your natural desire to understand and cultivate chakras.

  • Learn why that might be important, lol

  • Learn how impregnate energy with intention - the real secret

  • Channel consciousness

  • Alchemical transformation

  • The astral and the physical

  • The full body orgasm

Calm Sea

What others are saying

Feedback from Students!

I would totally recommend this to other people interested in mediation. Especially those that want to go further than just relaxation exercises. Personally I never found thinking of nothing to be that relaxing- more like a chore. I went from struggling with 10-20 minutes to being able to do an hour no problem. This course is worth the investment for those interested in what mediation is really about.

This guy is the real deal. I've completed 2 of his courses now. The energy manipulation techniques he
teaches have been a catalyst for rapid spiritual growth. have just completed Scott's other course, 'Reprogram your Matrix' 
Wow, mind blown! I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in energy work and personal development.

Scott is very well researched, and is just an all-round good guy. 5 stars *****

The course is five times over the cost of it, he practically shares it for free, I just feel so lucky
My expectation going in was to just simply learn some energy work techniques and maybe have cool
spiritual experiences.

What I got was exactly that, but unexpectedly an introspective look into myself. You gave me very useful
tools, any one technique I can use to improve my life dramatically.

open the  gateway

I felt a tingling sensation in my hands the first time i tried it.

I thought it was just an itch.  But there was

an important connection I just didnt get at first and that tiny

little connection is basically the secret not just of tantra

but of almost all esoteric practices.

That moment of observation of that tingling feeling is really just a jumping off point for a whole new way of viewing the world.

Its like a recipe  which you start simply then embellish with your own ideas with a sense of anticipation. 


There is a sort of desire to see the final outcome. It grows in the imagination and creates feelings and sensations.

Isnt it weird how just the idea of a fresh bowl of pasta can make you hungry and actually make your mouth water.

Its an imaginary idea with a physical output.

So the imagination can affect physical reality?

Yes but its so, so much cooler than this. This one trick is like a keycode into consciousness itself and unravels all mysteries.

But wait a minute.  Does this mean I  will have to meditate?  I cant meditate. I get bored.

This technique is also the secret to effective meditation.  You will never be bored meditating again.

What if meditation was not about thinking no thoughts and instead was about cultivating one single thought like a recipe and made your mouth water.  What if that thought was completely magnetic and fun and you WANTED to think about it all day.  Maybe your mind is already thinking about certain things all day.  

Have you ever met someone new and couldnt stop thinking about them all day?

Wouldnt it be cool if you were as attracted to meditation in the same way?

The seed

Thats the promise of this course.  To plant the seed of tantra inside of you where over time it will flower to bring you a whole new understanding and appreciation of sex, love, yourself and life itself.

My other course have sold for as much as $499 but I really want to make these ideas widely avaiable because I think they are so important.  For that reason, Im making this increidbly affordable offer for this high quality authentic content.

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open the  gateway

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