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 6 week class beginning March 1 2018 which digs deeper into the Psycho-magical foundations of the mechanics of manifestation and techniques to break through barriers


  1. Week 1  The basics of manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Does it work for everyone?
  2. Week 2 Anxiety, negative energy and mental block elimination
  3. Week 3 Scanning, purification and alignment
  4. Week 4 Compressed energy intention.  Intensive, body aware energy work
  5. Week 5 Energized sigils and vision boards
  6. Week 6 Archytype projection/invocation and blueprint implant 


Feedback from my other course - Reprogram Your Matrix  


 have just completed Scott's course, ‘Reprogram your Matrix’at Wow, mind blown! I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in energy work and personal development. Scott is very well researched, and is just an all-round good guy. 5 stars *****.


The course is five times over the cost of it, he practically shares it for free, I just feel so lucky


My expectation going in was to just simply learn some energy work techniques and maybe have cool spiritual experiences.

What I got was exactly that, but unexpectedly an introspective look into myself. You gave me very useful tools, any one technique I can use to improve my life dramatically.



Course: The Mechanics of Manifestation

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