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Concepts and meditations to understand and balance the energy system.


Over 4 weeks starting February 13th

  • How to notice the elements

  • How consciousness is structured

  • Discovering our own energetic makeup  and outward manifestations

  • Meditative and magical considerations

  • The differences between prana, elements and kundalini

  • The invocation of elements

  • In depth discussions of benefits of elemental awareness and balance and the dangers of being unbalanced

  • How many traditions like tantra, hermeticism, Christianity and Kabbalah approach the elements

  • Shamanic ideas on the elements and the use of plants as balancing tools

  • In depth analysis and exploration of the chakras and how they are explicitly elemental

  • The emergence of consciousness through the heart

  • The role of divinity and pure consciousness

  • Visualization techniques, mantra techniques

  • Discussion on the dynamic adaption of the meditation object

  • Important techniques for energy transformation and concentration


Includes 1 free entrance into Golden Heart Transmission with  Hilmar Rafnsson a highly ethical friend and brother who specializes in Kundalini energy transmissions.


The Golden Heart Transmission is an online healing event for your heart, using the powerful spirit of the Earth, Gaia herself. Also known as Kundalini energy.

This experience assists the receiver on every level of spiritual development and heals and prepares the nervous system for higher vibrations.

You will leave feeling deeply restored to your original authentic essence.

Participants have reported feelings of heart-opening, grounding and unconditional love.

You will likely experience deepened presence and ability to be with yourself and any emotions you are moving through, resulting in a deeper knowing and understanding of yourself.

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