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I found meditation close to impossible until i discovered tantra. Thinking about the breath just didn't connect the dots for me. And i thought meditation was about relaxation, but it's not. Meditation is the crucible in which we can discover pure consciousness and many other dimensions of reality refracting out of the body like light from a prism...and that's just the start.


I didn't know what I was doing at first and made every serious mistake in the book. I learned the hard way how to do this right and safely too through study and meditation and guidance from several teachers.


I discovered tantra by accident after kundalini awakening. I consider it THE path for all true spiritual/psychic activities because it deals actively with whats going on right now in your life.  You don't have to believe in anything.  Just observe and see the truth for what it is. 


We live in a sensual world and people have diverse relationships with that sensuality.


In this course i will teach you ways of harnessing the power of that sensuality to supercharge your interaction with the world.  We will discuss some of the realities of tantra including the use of sensuality, discovery, refinement and channeling of energy, the differences and utility between meditation on the body and meditation on the  imagination and the difference between magic and enlightenment. How to work with and conceptualize chakras, use mantras and energy transmission.


Tantra exposes the unseen truth of reality.  Dimensions can be bridged. There are no limits except fear.

The Concise Secrets of Tantra in 8 Simple Lessons

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