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I have just completed Scott's course, ‘Reprogram your Matrix’at Wow, mind blown! I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in energy work and personal development. Scott is very well researched, and is just an all-round good guy. 5 stars *****.


The course is five times over the cost of it, he practically shares it for free, I just feel so lucky


My expectation going in was to just simply learn some energy work techniques and maybe have cool spiritual experiences.

What I got was exactly that, but unexpectedly an introspective look into myself. You gave me very useful tools, any one technique I can use to improve my life dramatically.


Energy can be very powerful even if at first it seems like 'just the imagination'. 


You will discover and explore various techniques for turning on and exploring divine energy as well as ideas to analyse and reevaluate yourself using a variety of techniques to make sure the transition to energy is not too shocking and is safe.  Everyone has their own sensitivity to energy and their own beliefs and limitations about what it might be.  I know I did!


The class is focused on responsible use of energy for positive ends.


An 8 week class of discovery with the objective of opening your awareness safely to energy.


  1. Relaxation, Thought Control and Meditation 
  2. Mirror of the Soul and Safety 
  3. Applied Mindfullness  
  4. Applied Imagination Training  
  5. Energy Fundamentals
  6. Hypnosis and Thought Frequency Therapy
  7. Major Chakra Inititation
  8. Elemental Balance



contact me at if interested.

Course: Reprogram Your Matrix

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