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You can only see it with your mind

How can you integrate your experiences or just make your life better if you cant see where the problems are really? Is your life a series of events - some lucky ones, some emotional ones , some random ones which have led you to where you are now?

Or are all those events somehow linked to forces hidden within us which control our destiny?


The reality code refers to the  elemental energy structure of reality and how to balance it's manifestation in the human body.This is not a scientific concept.  You can't measure it, although some people might see the brain wave states (alpha, beta, gamma, theta) as evidence of it's existence.

The human energy system is dynamic and exhibits flows and eddies like a river running through our body if we can for a moment be still enough to perceive it. Those currents want to flow smoothly through us but often crash into obstacles we have unwittingly created through the traumas, joys and tribulations of life.

All this is hidden from the human eye unless we learn to focus on consciousness itself using the symbolic language of the classical elements - earth, water, fire, air.. While the connection with pure consciousness is the most wonderful event that can happen in a human life, even the subtle tuning into and understanding of these energies has the possibility to completely change your life.

While some teachers offer pre packaged ideas about how to improve your life, the only true path can be through understanding the process yourself by engaging directly with the circuits of energy - the 4 fold key to reality -  and observing their truly unique movement within you. No one else's plan can work for you unless you learn this vocabulary.

It's a 4 week class (including pre-recorded and live video) delivered every Saturday, starting on the 13th of February 2021


  • How to notice the elements

  • How consciousness is structured

  • Discovering our own energetic makeup  and outward manifestations

  • Meditative and magical considerations

  • The differences between prana, elements and kundalini

  • The invocation of elements

  • In depth discussions of benefits of elemental awareness and balance and the dangers of being unbalanced

  • How many traditions like tantra, hermeticism, Christianity and Kabbalah approach the elements

  • Shamanic ideas on the elements and the use of plants as balancing tools

  • In depth analysis and exploration of the chakras and how they are explicitly elemental

  • The emergence of consciousness through the heart

  • The role of divinity and pure consciousness

  • Visualization techniques, mantra techniques

  • Discussion on the dynamic adaption of the meditation object

  • Important techniques for energy transformation and concentration



Sometimes people have difficulty percieving enegry and for this reason, the course will include a free pass to the Golden Heart Transmission  

 with  Hilmar Rafnsson a highly ethical friend and brother who specializes in Kundalini energy transmissions.

I've worked with Hilmar a lot and he is very knowledgeable about kundalini. His transmission may be a good jumpstart for some people.


The Golden Heart Transmission is an online healing event for your heart, using the powerful spirit of the Earth, Gaia herself. Also known as Kundalini energy.

This experience assists the receiver on every level of spiritual development and heals and prepares the nervous system for higher vibrations.

You will leave feeling deeply restored to your original authentic essence.

Participants have reported feelings of heart-opening, grounding and unconditional love.

You will likely experience deepened presence and ability to be with yourself and any emotions you are moving through, resulting in a deeper knowing and understanding of yourself.

I went through a spiritual awakening  that changed my life. After years working with Amazonian dieta plants,I discovered "energy" and a permanent connection to the spirit world and beyond during a tantric/shamanic initiation 10 years ago in South America. After that experience I began exploring how energy moved through my body and had the first of a series of kundalini awakenings 4 days later. These experiences gave me an ability to perceive and cut through layers of consciousness like a diamond cutting glass.  They  allowed me to let go of negative experiences and relationships and begin life again from a place of authenticity.  I spent years exploring the depths of the jhanas and other esoteric spaces in consciousness before reconnecting with amazonian plants at a very deep level then working with a guru in the process of shaktipat. I believe my purpose in life is to teach others to percieve the 4 fold elemental key to reality which allows the opportunity of authentic freedom and unimagined success.

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